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Smart Factory unveils smart water metering technology in Kenya.

Smart Factory is thrilled to announce the successful deployment of its advanced smart water meter, JETO L, in Kenya, marking a significant milestone in the region's water management and conservation efforts.

In a landmark pilot project conducted in Makindu, Kenya, Smart Factory, in collaboration with SigFox operator in Kenya - Liquid Intelligent Technologies, has demonstrated the unparalleled efficiency and reliability of the JETO L smart water meter. Boasting an impressive detection range of 14 kilometers from the SigFox base station, the JETO L meter represents a leap forward in remote water consumption tracking technology.

The JETO L smart water meter is equipped with metrology R 160, ensuring precise measurement with a start counting flow rate of just 7 liters per hour and an accuracy error of less than 5%. This high level of accuracy ensures that both water supply organizations and consumers can trust the data provided for billing and monitoring purposes.

Utilizing the widespread SigFox technology infrastructure deployed by Liquid Intelligent Technologies across Kenya, the JETO L meters transmit complete consumption data directly to the DropByDrop Smart Water Management Platform registered personal accounts. This DBD platform is accessible to both water supply entities and individual subscribers, facilitating seamless monitoring and management of water usage.

The adoption of Smart Factory's smart metering system heralds a new era in water management for Kenya. By eliminating the need for manual data collection, water supply organizations can now access real-time consumption data remotely, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint associated with traditional meter reading processes.

"We are proud to introduce the JETO L smart water meter in Kenya, a country that is rapidly embracing innovative solutions for sustainable resource management," said Sergey Khorolsky, CMO of Smart Factory. "This successful pilot not only showcases the effectiveness of our technology but also aligns with our commitment to supporting global water conservation efforts."

Smart Factory is dedicated to continuing its collaboration with local partners and stakeholders in Kenya to expand the reach and impact of its smart water metering solutions, contributing to the nation's vision of a more sustainable and efficiently managed water supply system.

Smart Factory offers a comprehensive smart water metering solution that revolutionizes traditional water management systems. The foundation of this system is the JETO L smart water meter, which represents the lower level of the system. The transportation of data is seamlessly handled by SigFox technology by Liquid Intelligent Technologies, serving as the robust transport layer, while the upper level is anchored by the user-friendly DropByDrop Smart Water Management Platform personal account.

This smart water metering approach eliminates the need for manual meter readings, thus liberating water supply organization employees from the time-consuming process of visiting each subscriber. Instead, accurate consumption data is now remotely collected and made readily available to both the water supply organizations and the subscribers, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

The key advantages of Smart Factory's smart water metering system are clear:

  • The system enables the remote collection of consumption data, eliminating the need for personnel to visit subscribers, thereby saving time and reducing operational costs.
  • It ensures a more accurate calculation of resource consumption, thanks to the high precision of the JETO L smart water meter, which minimizes errors and enhances billing transparency.
  • The system offers a holistic solution that integrates all necessary levels, from the metering device to data transmission and user interface, ensuring a seamless experience for water supply organizations.

By adopting Smart Factory's innovative system, water supply organizations in Kenya can look forward to a future where water resources are managed more efficiently, sustainably, and with greater accuracy. This is not merely an advancement in technology but a leap forward in our collective efforts towards sustainable water management and conservation.